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DISengage Pricing (per 45 minute session)


1 session--$39

3 sessions--$99

5 sessions--$149


What is DISengage--DISengage is a place of relaxation, created specifically for those who need a stress reliever.  Whether it is a reward for a hard day at work or taking a break from caring for others, DISengage is designed to bring you to a place of peace.


How does DISengage work--DISengage uses effective techniques that change your state of being and calm your senses.  Essential oil blends blanket the room with pleasant scents, comfortable zero gravity chairs ease back and neck tension, relaxing nature sounds help you block out mind chatter and soft lighting is strategically placed so as not to cause a distraction.


Who can benefit from DISengage--DISDISengage is beneficial for anyone who needs a break away from the action.  Entrepreneur? Come to DISengage and recharge your battery.  Stressful job? DISengage is perfect for giving you a moment in time to shut down. Caregiver? DISengage can give you the resiliency to keep going.  No matter the reason, DISengage can help reinforce positive energy.


When is the best time to DISengage--DISengage is best used whenever YOU feel the need to stop and relax in a quiet, uninterrupted environment.  Stress is all around us and, depending on your livelihood, DISengage can be your retreat.


Where is DISengage--DISengage is located within Five Point Fitness Studio 372 Morrison Rd. Ste. F Columbus, Ohio 43213


Hours of Operation--Monday, Wednesday and Thursday-6:45 pm; Saturday-12:15 pm (24 hour appointment cancellation is required)  





Please follow the guidelines below to enjoy a relaxing experience



*Arrive 15 minutes early as sessions begin promptly and the door will not be opened once started


*Do not leave the room once a session has begun unless it is an emergency


*DISengage is a quiet place. No talking is allowed in the room.  Respect for others in the room is greatly appreciated


*Remove shoes before entering the room (there is a shoe rack outside the room)


*No keys, cell phones or electronic devices are allowed


*Do not wear heavy perfumes or lotions 


Please remove any noisy jewelry (bangles, bracelets or large earrings)


For more information email 

OR call 614-866-9444 to schedule an appointment


Looking to be more productive and have more energy?

Want to have peace of mind and alleviate stress? Now you can.

Experience a restful transformation with DISengage Relaxation Therapy